Zulip in production

To play around with Zulip and see what it looks like, check out the Zulip community server or create a test organization on https://zulipchat.com.

If you like what you see, you can set up Zulip for your team by installing a production Zulip server. These pages will walk you through how.


You’ll need a few things to run a production Zulip server. Key requirements include:

  • a dedicated server or VM, running Ubuntu, with at least 2GB of RAM (or 4GB for a large site);
  • a valid DNS name and SSL certificates;
  • a way to send outgoing email.

See the requirements page for more details, including free options for SSL and for outgoing email if you don’t have those already.


Follow the install instructions. You’ll download the built release tarball, run the Zulip install script, and configure a handful of required settings; then create your Zulip organization through your new server’s web interface.


You now have a running Zulip install!