GIPHY GIF integration

This page documents the server-level configuration required to enable GIPHY integration to add GIFs in your message on a self-hosted Zulip server.

To enable this integration, you need to get a production API key from GIPHY.

Apply for API key

  1. Create a GIPHY account.

  2. Create a GIPHY API key by clicking “Create an App” on the Developer Dashboard.

  3. Choose SDK as product type and click Next Step.

  4. Enter a name and a description for your app and click on Create New App. The hostname for your Zulip server is a fine name.

  5. You will receive a beta API key.

  6. Apply for a production API key by following the steps mentioned by GIPHY on the same page. Note that when submitting a screenshot to request a production API key, GIPHY expects the screenshot to show the full page (including URL).

You can then configure your Zulip server to use GIPHY API as follows:

  1. In /etc/zulip/, enter your GIPHY API key as GIPHY_API_KEY = "<Your API key from GIPHY>".

    GIPHY API keys are not secrets – GIPHY expects every browser or other client connecting to your Zulip server will receive a copy – which is why they are configured in and not zulip-secrets.conf.

  2. Restart the Zulip server with /home/zulip/deployments/current/scripts/restart-server.

Congratulations! You’ve configured the GIPHY integration for your Zulip server. Your users can now use the integration as described in the help center article. (A browser reload may be required).