You are reading a development version of the Zulip documentation. These instructions may not correspond to the latest Zulip Server release. See documentation for the latest stable release.

Zoom video calling OAuth configuration

To use the Zoom integration on a self-hosted installation, you’ll need to register a custom Zoom app as follows:

  1. Select Build App at the Zoom Marketplace.

  2. Create an app with the OAuth type.

    • Choose an app name such as “ExampleCorp Zulip”.

    • Select User-managed app.

    • Disable the option to publish the app on the Marketplace.

    • Click Create.

  3. Inside of the Zoom app management page:

    • On the App Credentials tab, set both the Redirect URL for OAuth and the Whitelist URL to https://zulip.example.com/calls/zoom/complete (replacing zulip.example.com by your main Zulip hostname).

    • On the Scopes tab, add the meeting:write scope.

You can then configure your Zulip server to use that Zoom app as follows:

  1. In /etc/zulip/zulip-secrets.conf, set video_zoom_client_secret to be your app’s “Client Secret”.

  2. In /etc/zulip/settings.py, set VIDEO_ZOOM_CLIENT_ID to your app’s “Client ID”.

  3. Restart the Zulip server with /home/zulip/deployments/current/scripts/restart-server.

This enables Zoom support in your Zulip server. Finally, configure Zoom as the video call provider in the Zulip organization(s) where you want to use it.