Screenshot and GIF software

The following list documents different screenshotting & GIF-making techniques and free software. We encourage you to make use of these when making front-end pull requests, as other contributors can see the changes you have made without having to check out your branch.

Screenshot tools by platform


  • Firefox can take screenshots without any plugins (stable feature starting from v57)

    • You can find it under page actions / Take a screenshot

    • It is capable of screenshotting the entire page, visible area and individual DOM elements

  • LightShot Screenshot (Chrome, Firefox, IE & Opera)


  • Command-Shift-3 to capture the entire screen

  • Command-Shift-4 and drag cursor to select a specific area

  • Command-Shift-5 and select suitable option to capture or record screen (macOS Mojave)

  • LightShot Screenshot

  • Gyazo


  • PrtScn to copy the screen to the clipboard

  • Windows-PrtScn to save the screen to a file

  • Snipping Tool (inbuilt)

  • LightShot Screenshot

  • Gyazo


  • gnome-screenshot (inbuilt, you can use Ctrl-Shift-PrtScn as a shortcut for its “select an area to grab” feature)

GIF tools by platform