Zulip server release checklist

This document has reminders of things one might forget to do when preparing a new release.

A week before the release

  • Upgrade all Python dependencies in requirements to latest upstream versions so they can burn in (use pip list --outdated).
  • Update all the strings on Transifex and notify translators that they should translate the new strings to get them in for the next release.
  • Update changelog.md with major changes going into the release.

Final release preparation

  • Download updated translation strings from Transifex and commit them.
  • Use build-release-tarball to generate a release tarball.
  • Test the new tarball extensively, both new install and upgrade from last release, on both Trusty and Xenial.
  • Do final updates to changelog.md.
  • Update ZULIP_VERSION in version.py.
  • Repeat until release is ready.
  • Draft the release notes; see previous zulip-announce emails for the tooling needed.

Executing the release

  • Post the release tarball on zulip.org and update zulip.org.
  • Create a git tag and push the tag.
  • Upload the release on GitHub so it doesn’t provide a broken release tarball.
  • Email zulip-announce with the release notes.